Life Insurance

If something were to happen to you today, are you certain that your loved ones would be safe from financial worries? Are you concerned that they might not live the life you built for them without you there? Thankfully, there are measures you can take right now that will secure your family’s well-being should the unthinkable occur. However, with so many policy options to assess when seeking the correct life insurance plan, things can get confusing quickly. We have the ability to shop top-rated policies among multiple insurance providers, so you can confidently live your life knowing your beneficiaries are protected through a direct line of savings.

See our life insurance calculator to find out how much is needed to reach your goals.

Health & Disabilities Insurance

Health insurance is a hot button topic in today’s political atmosphere. However, given Walter J. Reyna, Inc.’s philosophy of building strong client trust relationships through personalized service, there is no reason to feel uneasy about how you are allocating your health deductibles, should you need a trip to the doctor. By safeguarding yourself with an individual and customized plan, you can rest assured each night knowing a trip to the doctor will not be a financial set back.

A lot is riding on your income—if you become unable to work because of an illness or accident will your savings or disability benefits provided through your employer be adequate? With a disability insurance plan in play through Walter J. Reyna, Inc., you can further protect the portion of your income that provides financial protection should you find yourself out of work. Disability income insurance can help you meet your expenses and maintain the standard of living you are used to while you recover. 

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are a powerful way to store and grow your savings but often times this very popular investing tool can be intimidating to use. Walter J. Reyna, Inc. will take the reigns of your investment needs as our proven success in actively trading pooled assets will gain satisfying returns on your investment. Walter J. Reyna, Inc. follows a conservative money managing philosophy, believing that concentrated portfolios perform better than broadly diversified portfolios. We take pride in our ability to adapt to market conditions in order to avoid larger market downturns. So join us and put your money is in the hands of the most capable of investors.


Exchange Traded Funds have the structure of mutual funds but are priced and traded over the course of the day like a single stock. There are many advantages to ETFs including tax efficiency, low costs and transparency. ETFs are a great fit for investors seeking growth and looking for a moderate income. When choosing Walter J. Reyna, Inc. to build your ETF, you are choosing five decades of indexing experience and knowledge.


Walter J. Reyna, Inc. believes strong client relationships are essential to high-performing portfolios–and stocks are the building blocks of nearly every portfolio. Historically, they have outperformed most other investments over the long-term. With over 60,000 publicly traded companies in the United States, knowing which companies to choose for your portfolio can be a daunting task. But with  Walter J. Reyna, Inc. on your team there is no need to feel overwhelmed. By pin pointing your interests and aligning them with stocks that will simultaneously earn profits and maintain low risk, we insure your investment goals are not only met but also exceeded. Through personalized service and an emphasis on education, you will see your portfolio excel.