Walter Reyna is the founder of Walter J. Reyna, Inc. Walter has always viewed hard work and camaraderie as the cornerstones of success. As the former captain of Baylor University’s track and field team, he knows success comes through training, discipline and execution. He took this competitive and strategic mentality and fostered it into a successful financial career.

Walter has been relied upon for years to protect and grow his clients’ personal wealth and financial security through proactive measures and acute attention to detail.

As a father, grandfather and former classroom teacher, Walter knows the value of multi-generational financial planning as well as the complications that come with it. His thorough understanding of effective financial planning gives him the knowledge and experience that is absolutely crucial when looking for fiduciary guidance.

In addition to these stand out qualities, he is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional – a designation that reflects his commitment to comprehensive and client-specific planning, as well as an education in investment management, retirement planning, risk management and tax reduction principles. Awarded the CRPC (Certified Retirement Plan Counselor) designation by the College of Financial Planning, Walter is passionate about the community in which he lives and the clients for whom he serves.

Walter J. Reyna,
Founding Partner